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Welcome To Eyes in Disguise

Optometrist in San Francisco, CA

Your eyes are your windows to the world. The beauty of a sunset, the faces of your loved ones, the words of your favorite books — you experience these things thanks to your sense of sight. When it’s diminished in any way, the effects are drastic and unsettling.

At Eyes In Disguise Optometry, we understand how important your eyes are to you. That’s why our San Francisco, California-based practice places such an emphasis on delivering attentive vision care tailored to your particular needs. You have a whole lifetime of lovely, memorable sights ahead of you. Ensure that you enjoy all of them by scheduling an appointment today.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a relatively new term within the optometry field and refers to eye problems associated with the prolonged use of computers and electronics that utilize a digital screen.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

On average, we recommend scheduling an appointment once every two years to ensure your eyes are remaining healthy. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, however, we recommend scheduling an appointment once or twice a year depending on the severity.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Ocular Surface Disease, also known as dry eye, can occur from certain medications, naturally by aging, or as a symptom arising from systemic diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus.

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We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.Request an appointment today!

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About Us

We have a qualified team of professionals that will work around your busy schedule and address any questions or concerns prior to the appointment.

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New Patient

We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.

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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service so you can have the vision you deserve.

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Success Stories

I've been here twice and have had great experiences. The facility is clean and staff is friendly. Dr. Blas made sure I was comfortable throughout the appointment and ensured that I understood what each part of the process was for. Thanks!

Colleen M.

Had a wonderful experience at Eyes in Disguise! Dr. Blas and the front desk receptionist were both extremely friendly and welcoming. The office is very nice, clean and modern and in a great location on Union Street. The exam was very thorough and I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for an eye exam! They take VSP and made it very easy to process insurance. I will definitely be back for my annual eye exam!

Sara T.

Great office to get your eyes checked! Dr. Blas is extremely thorough; she helped me diagnose & manage a lingering eye condition that has bugged me for years. Loved that they followed every COVID precaution to ensure a safe eye examination at my visit. They have an excellent frame selection & expert staff that helped me navigate my insurance benefits and guide me through my contact lens fitting.

Matt A.

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